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Nancy – 19th April till 21st April

After more than one month without having hitch-hiked to a foreign country (I hitch-hiked back to Berlin during Easter), it was time for a week-end trip again.

I choose Nancy as destination, because:

  • the distance was much higher and there is no direct route so it was more challenging than to Strasbourg and I got to know how hitch-hiking in France is like
  • a fellow pupil’s name from basic schooled was Nancy (apparently a girl’s name)

I decided not to go via Strasbourg or Lauternbourg because the first one seemed – from my last experience – hard to transit and the second one hard to start.
So I choose to go via a popular outlet store near the Germany border.

A boy visiting his parents drove me to the French border which I crossed by foot and went to a round-about. There a truck stopped and took me to a toll station.
There are really great. You can easily hitch-hike in France from toll station to toll station – if you are using the French Autobahn.
At this toll station of Sarrebourg for my first time in western Europe I got offered a ride by a girl that was visiting her friends in Nancy. Beforehand a woman stopped only to apologize, that she wasn’t heading to Nancy; so I decided that hitch-hiking in France seems to be nice.

Nancy itself is not a great city. Rather visit Strasbourg. The city’s patron was a Polish King? – I dunno – called Stanislav (the French call him Stanislas for whatever reason…) So there’s the Stanislas square, a nice park and I went outside because I was bored. The weather was rainy and cold, which didn’t improve my impression of Nancy.

In the evening – like in Strasbourg – we met with my host U.’s friends and flat mates to play various social games in a bar.

When I left Nancy, I waited for 2 hours till someone stopped. He told me, my spot would be bad, he’d know a better one. I agreed and he drove me to Luneville.

There is a service station before the exit which is better for sure.

However there was I, in the village behind the moon…I placed my backpack and guess what I saw…a motivating painting:

Hitch-hiking to death in France

I was not the first one who got lost here. But the others seemed to have died waiting for a ride, using a STRASBOURG-sign like I did….it was really funny 😀

So I jumped like an insane everytime a car used the driveway.
And really, after only one hour and 300g of Haribo, a husband, who has been in Berlin in the French sector, and his wife stopped and took me to the toll station in Sarrebourg.
There I only waited about 3 minutes till a young couple gave me a lift directly back to Karlsruhe.