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New Year 15/16 in Russia

On Christmas 2015 I could finally return to my friends in Mother Russia. I took a flight in the evening of 26th of December and returned 20 days later, having had a nice, but cold time with banya (Russian sauna), hitch-hiking at -20°C, nearly falling into Volga, walks at 2am on forest streets and stuff:

Part 1 – Yegoryevsk
Part 2 – Hitchhiking to Nizhny Novgorod
Part 3 – Shchyolkovo, Moscow
Part 4 – Yegoryevsk

Lost Places – Russia I – Moscow and vicinity

These photos were made in 2012, when I visited Moscow and a town south of it as part of a tour around the Baltic Sea.
There are three places worth to mention. It was hard research work to localize all these places. To get there was quite easy.
1. Abandoned planes
2. Satellite dish/ Radio telescope
3. Mining cars south of Moscow
4. Russian Space Shuttel Buran

1. Abandoned airplanes
On the area of a former airport in the North-west of Moscow there are some old planes and helicopters from the Soviet era.
Around the airport there were many buildings and construction of a shopping centre. The runway was used by driving schools and bikers. If the plane and helicopter cemetery is still there or whether it’s been removed – I cannot tell especially because the look of the outskirts of Russia’s capital is changing fast.